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Accepting online reservations & setting up a website is time consuming & expensive. TravelByRoad.Net
in essence works as your
virtual travel agent.

Joe Brown,
"ABC RV" Campgrounds!


Campground Owners Contract

Park Questionnaire

All the campground owner commits to is a 10% discount for campers registering through our site.

We do not ask for fees from our participating campgrounds.

Don't worry you don't have to be a technical genius. We make this easy by sending you everything. Including the credit card information and the reservation!

Joe Brown,
"ABC RV" Campgrounds!

The relationship between TravelByRoad and your Campground is based upon a legal business contract, binding on park (including rate calculated) as well as binding upon TravelByRoad.net.

This contract is severable at any time by you or by us.


Trip planning and reservations made easy
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people look to the Internet
for travel reservations.

Joe Brown,
"ABC RV" Campgrounds!

You have been invited to participate in our online travel arranging service

Don't let another park get YOUR reservation. Take time to register!

Campground Owners Contract
Park Questionnaire

Why should YOU
promote YOUR park online?

Because your clients choose your park due to its location.

1. Should you let them find your park because they happen to drive by?

2. Or, should you gladly accept the drop in traffic and fill your park with reserved customers?

I would take the second choice.
What about you?

Joe Brown,
"ABC RV" Campgrounds!

What makes the Internet a great promotional tool for you?

1. Even if your traffic pulls your name from a brochure, they may still have trouble finding you.

2. They may decide at the last moment to head the other direction.

3. They may stop at a competitor along the way.

We give thousands of travelers a reason to stop, before they start to drive!

We make the suggestion, they make the reservation...while reading promotional information about YOUR park.

Then we provide them with: detailed maps, data and interesting spots to visit, (locally or in route to your park), just to make sure they get there.

We make everything easy
and understandable!

Wouldn't you like a full park?

Campground Owners Contract

Your park benefits from registration because the directory is viewed by over 10,000 visitors each month.

Visitors that are looking for you!
Joe Brown,
"ABC RV" Campgrounds!

Prior reservations reduce the hassles of checking in at your park. Many details are handled ahead of time,
including the payment!

Our site recommends campgrounds to travelers, from our registered parks.
Shouldn't you be registered?

We are TravelByRoad.net

We offer subscriptions to travelers
(they pay you don't) who then make secure on-line reservations
for your campground.

The appeal of the TravelByRoad service is that we provide a comprehensive range of information in one convenient website.

Members set the details of their ideal campsite. Our site automatically makes suggestions according to the preferences stated. Members can track their trips, view the highlights (parks, tourist traps, etc.) and print their reservations all with maps and detailed driving directions.

Travelers commit, with payment, in advance of arriving at your park. This commitment gives the park a competitive edge over other parks in the locality, parks which would have competed for a drop-in traveler.

Then after the customer finalizes by entering credit-card information to make the reservation, TravelByRoad.Net securely transfers the credit card information to you.

It is that easy!

Joe Brown,
"ABC RV" Campgrounds!

The 10% discount you give our clients provides them with an incentive to stay at your park instead of stopping at other parks in your area.

With no payment to TravelByRoad in compensation for the reservation and publicity functions this is a "no brainer".

Don't forget to register!

Park Questionnaire
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