Disclaimers GUARANTEES
1. Calculated estimates are just estimates and as such can only be used as a measure and not a fact.


1.  Work will be performed with quality and accuracy in mind. Any unforeseen errors on our part will be corrected, with out additional charges to our clients.
2. Forecasting and estimation is a tool for guidance and should never be considered as a fact. Future estimates are subject to change due to changes in the information used in the calculations. 2. Changes and additions made by a client will be charged according to our set price list or contract with a client.

3. Any forecasts, estimates or analysis performed is a tool for your decision making. We can not predict the future and do not state that these figures are infallible.  All calculations should be used in conjunction with all other business information you have at your disposal before making a decision.

3.Clients will be charged honestly for work performed for their company or for themselves. Ethics are a priority. We expect the same honesty and fair dealing from our clients. Clients charged based upon an hourly fee can be assured their work hours will be accurately, and fairly logged and calculated.