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Website design and maintenance
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    • Website maintenance
    • Updating your text, images,employees and listing.
    • Brochure site design

Administrative Services

    • Email response
    • Order Assistance
    • Research
    • Writing
    • Data Entry
    • Customer Order and Refund Assistance

Operational Support

    • Project Management
    • Executive Support
    • Virtual Worker Oversite

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    • All services are not available all of the time, due to scheduling difficulties.   Talk to me to see if I have time to assist you with your work.

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Please contact us if you do not see a service listed that you need.  We have narrowed our listed services due to time constraints.  We will however be glad to listen to your needs and assist if possible.

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Independent Contractors VS Employees

Payment for an independent contractor is set at an agreed amount and does not include taxes, workman's comp, health care, vacation pay and other benefits.

An annual salary is actually about 135% times that salary because of benefits and perks. On top of salary the company may accrue and additional 55% or more in expenses such as office expenses and overhead per person.

This means each hourly wage paid is actually and expense of 190% of the hourly wage paid.

So if you pay your employee 25.00 per hour you are actually spending 47.50.

If you take this into consideration you may find it is cheaper to hire an independent contractor. (compare your calculations to our prices here)

But first check to see if you qualify. 

The IRS says:

An individual is an independent contractor if (the person for whom the services are performed) has the right to control or direct only the result of the work, and not what will be done and how it will be done or method of accomplishing the result.

For FAQ's regarding Independent Contractor or Employee?
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